In the early days people soak their face mask in vinegar why?

At that time, the use of vinegar (vinegar) for this mask is very common. From the point of view of science, it is not difficult to find out why vinegar was used in face masks. Vinegar has many miracle effects on our skin so at that time people use it as a cleansing agent and to fight odor. Now scientists have found out more than 100 useful things that can be used on our skin with the help of vinegar. Vinegar has many minerals and vitamins that are very good for the skin, such as potassium, calcium, pectin etc.

“We use vinegar masks at home because I found great benefits from it through my girlfriends who told me about this.”

“I heard from many people who have used it as a vinegar mask that the benefits of this treatment are good for acne removal and getting rid of blackheads. In my case, I never had any problems with acne or blackheads but now every now and then I do face masks twice a week just to keep my skin fresh and clean.”

“At home it’s no problem, but when I go to pools or saunas I use a face mask because vinegar can cause irritation in some people who already have an irritated skin with acne etc. It is better to test this on your own before using it with others.”

Vinegar is very acidic so the skin reacts to it. Everyone should be careful with this because some people can have an allergic reaction to vinegar on their face, so first time user should test it first on the wrist or on the neck before using it on your face.

“Every now and then we do a facial treatment at home because I want my face to feel fresh and clean.”

“I always try to find the latest, most effective facial masks which are still natural. So I found out that by using vinegar masks I can get rid of my blackheads and acne problems but without any discomfort on my skin like redness or irritation. That’s why at home we do our own face mask with some help from my sister who has a degree in cosmetology.”

“I heard that using vinegar for this purpose, first on the forehead and then on the cheeks is very good because it opens up pores on your face. So I decided to try it myself but after one week of trying it out I noticed improvement with blackheads removal but only temporarily! But I am still using it because at home we do some help from our mother who is a doctor and she says that on the long term this is good for skin.”

“I heard that vinegar can be used on acne, that’s why I started to use it myself on my own. The first time was hard but I managed to get myself a bottle of vinegar and I soaked a cotton in it, after that I placed the cotton on my face. The burning sensation was hard but after a couple minutes it started to feel better.”

“After using this method for about two weeks I noticed improvement with my skin. Blackheads were going away and my face skin felt cleaner.”