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What is Satta Matta Matka and how did it originate? What is the history of matka gambling, and where did it come from?

The game of Matka started in India when people bet on the opening and closing rates of cotton sent from the New York Cotton Exchange to the Bombay Cotton Exchange.

Satta Matta Matka, also known as Satta gambling or Ankada Jugar, was a full-fledged lottery game that debuted in the 1950s after India’s Independence. It had previously been known as ‘Ankara Jugar.’ With time, it changed considerably from how it began, but the term matka remained. Random number selection and the use of various systems and strategies grew with the game and added to its popularity.

Matka has provided a means of living for several people in India and continues to provide livelihoods not only for punters but also for employees in Matka offices, even though most people find it difficult to determine who will win when betting on this game (and thus earn a living from it).

Satta Matka was initially played by the Gujaratis, but now people from all walks of life participate in bets on this game. You can find out more about Satta Matka here.

Why Satta Matka Is Important:-

  1. Tips and take risk-taking to win: In this game, you may pick up a few skills and take a little chance. You can then achieve a fantastic conclusion if you win.
  2. Unlimited pleasure: This game is a lot of fun. You’ll never get bored after playing this game.
  3. Secure returns: There will be certain safe returns offered in this game.
  4. There are many games to choose from: There are several games to choose from in the game universe. Just to name a few: Milan Day Live Chart, Milan Night Live Chart, and Rajdhani Day Night Live Chart are just a few examples.
  5. Quick and Correct Results: The most crucial feature in the game environment is that the outcomes be available on time and correctly.
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When did Satta Matta Matka start? What does ‘Satta’ mean?

The term ‘matka’ in satta matka, is derived from the pulp of the fig tree.

Satta Matka was introduced in India around 1950 by Khemchand Prakash, who was a renowned publisher and printer of vernacular school text books in the state of Rajasthan. The game at that time was limited to three cities, Mumbai, Delhi and Nagpur. The games were played from 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM.

In the late 1950’s the Gujaratis took over satta matka from Khemchand Prakash and brought it to Punjab where they already had a good set-up of illegal betting practice known as “Gussi”.

The term ‘satta’ is derived from the Sindhi word sat meaning hundred, and te meaning finger. The game first originated during colonial rule in India, when farmers worked on hundredth finger basis for their landlords. When the farmers got tired of exploitation by the landlords, they decided to play matka to win back all that was lost to them.

The Parsis are credited with introducing the game, which they named ‘ankada jugar’ to Mumbai. At that time it was played between 9 AM and 10 AM only. The Punjabis took over this game from right under the nose of the Parsi community in Mumbai. They created various systems for selecting numbers apart from playing with common dabba (mixture of six numbers).

A few years later the Punjabis introduced this game to other cities like Delhi, Indore and Nagpur. The entire gambling industry came under one banner called satta bazaar , which was located in the Bombay cotton market. This is where all illegal activities were centered and it became so famous that Bombay came to be known as the gambling capital of India.

After a few years, this game was banned in many parts of the country, but it continued to grow in other places like Punjab and Madhya Pradesh.

What are Satta Matka odds? Are they good?

Satta matka odds depend on the punter and the system he/she uses to pick numbers.

The odds for a simple dabba selection by throwing a dice is 1:1. It would take 36 throws of a dice to match all six numbers in a standard satta matka ticket. In comparison, it takes only 10 throws if you use the alternate line system as against 36 by the dabba system. In a way, satta matka odds are in favor of the players who know exactly how to tackle the game.

How is Satta Matta Matka played?

Satta matka involves picking six numbers out of a pool of forty possible numbers. The punter needs to match all these numbers in order to win. If you are able to match five or more numbers in a particular draw, then the odds of winning improve.

The game is played on a board with forty rows and six columns. You need to pick six different numbers out of this pool. Once the game starts, only one number is crossed off each day until all numbers are completed crossed off.

Pick your numbers based on the dabba number system. If you’re not familiar with the dabba number system, then we would recommend that you learn it here . You can also find some powerful systems for selecting numbers and winning satta matka bets here .

How is Satta Matta Matka played in India?

The Indian version of satta matka is very different from satta matka in other countries. In India you have to pick six individual numbers from a pool of forty, whereas in US and Canada the punter needs to select three sets of two numbers each from a pool consisting of thirty-six numbers.

In India the game starts after 3 pm and ends at 10 pm. There is a major difference in the minimum and maximum number of wagers available for Indian satta matka as well. In India, there are 90 lakh bets daily whereas in US there are only 10,000 to 12,000 bets a day.

The biggest difference between Indian satta matka and its international versions is that the international version is a live game, whereas Indian satta matka is a pre-decided duration of the game. The winner is decided solely on the basis of math and not on any factor that can prove to be an external influence .

How do you win big in Satta Matka?

Since there are only forty number combinations available for the punter to pick from, it is not very difficult to win big in satta matka. All you need to do is make lots of small bets and move up the ladder quickly. This strategy makes winning satta matka an easy task .

You can read more about how you can become a winner in Satta Matka here.

Where can I find more information on Satta Matka?

We have covered everything related to satta matka in detail on this website. We also have some very useful tools for punters who are looking to become winners. Y

Let me guess, you got interested in this game called satta matka because of the word “odds” and its link to gambling? Well, then let’s explain what are the odds of satta matka for you?

Let’s say that you try this game for the first time and you bet 100 rupees on your lucky number. The number hits, meaning that it gets crossed off the list. Thus, there are 39 more numbers left in the pool of 40 possible ones. So what are your odds of winning now?

1 out of 39

Pretty low right? So what if you bet on all six number one more time, would your chances increase?

1 out of 36

Still not pretty impressive I suppose! But what about making a small calculation and looking at the bigger picture?

For example: You place a 100 rupee bet on your lucky number for the third time.

The number hits again.

So what are your odds now? 100 out of 730 (100+99+98+97+96+95)

Now we’re talking! This is a lot better than 1 out of 39 or even 1 out of 36. As the numbers advance, the possibilities for you to win decreases quickly and it becomes extremely difficult to keep advancing.

Remember, this is an Indian satta matka website and we’re talking about the numbers based on the system used in India. We still have a lot of information for you regarding satta matka no matter where you are in the world. For example, if you’re in the US or Canada then you can read up on our comprehensive guide on how to win at satta matka .

But for now, let’s just stick to how you can win big with this game!

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